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Urban railway construction in Ho Chi Minh city, Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien section

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vietnam is a concentrated phase but there have been signs that the epidemic is spreading to the community. Mobile population groups have been recognized as being one of the bridges between high risk activities and the community. Facing these dangers and challenges, the management board of the urban railway construction group in Ho Chi Minh City (MAUR), is cooperating with the Institute of Population, Health and Development (PHAD) to implement the “HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for construction workers”. MAUR is overseeing the construction of railway line No 1, which runs from Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien, with financial support from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

1. General Objective: Reduce the risk of HIV transmission in the workforce and the community related to the construction of the urban railway.

2. Specific objective:
– Increase the awareness of the workforce and the community surrounding the project on HIV / AIDS;
– Create a mechanism for cooperation and sustainability in referring to care services and providing education on HIV/AIDS prevention that ensures availability and easy accessibility.
– Define roles and responsibilities for managers, advisors and workers to manage risk.

3. Principal activities:
– Evaluate knowledge, attitudes and practices before and after the intervention.
– Communications activities to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, STIs; Hepatitis B, C to officials and workers with training courses mainstreamed into occupational safety activities. Provide communication materials (leaflets, posters, banners …)
– Provide online training courses about HIV/AIDS; STIs; Hepatitis B, C; Information on first-aid for common accidents at the construction site through the PHAD website.
– Provide free condoms during the first year of the program in order to form the habit of using a condom when having sex outside marriage. From the second year we will encourage workers to buy condoms from other channels.
– Introduce workers to the appropriate services: HIV testing and counseling (HTC); STIs   checkup, counseling, testing, diagnosis and treatment; Treatment of HIV / AIDS;   Methadone maintenance treatment.
– Provide mobile HIV testing and counselling at the construction site if the program receives worker’s need.

4. Implementation partners:

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