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Aging Health and Disability

Aging Health and Disabilities in Vietnam
Viet Nam is an special historic country in the ASEAN. Recently leaving poor countries to low middle income countries, Vietnam is facing the population aging and it’s aging speech is highest among ASEAN countries. According to Census 2019, Vietnam is now having about 11.5 million people aged 60 or more and about 7.5 million people who are 65 or more. There is not having sufficient information about the health status of the elderly and older people in Vietnam. PHAD is working with NIHON University and other University in US to implement different researches on Aging and Health in order to collect scientific data about the health status of the elderly population in Vietnam.

Findings from study and projects will provide critical information and recommendation to health manager, policy makers and doctors who are working on aging and health in Vietnam.

In parallel with aging, how to provide sustainable services for people living with disabilities is also a challenge for Vietnam. The needs for multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services such as model OT, ST and PT are huge in different provinces and regions of Vietnam. PHAD is developing and adapting service models for people with disability and increasing the connection, network and access to rehabilitation services between person with disability, family member, social worker, health professional and other social services.

Projects/Researches being implemented by PHAD in Vietnam:
1) Longitudinal Study on Aging and Health in Vietnam, 2019-2025, funded by ERIA – Japan
2) Hold My Hand, 2018-2021: A project to support comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in Binh Dinh and Quang Nam, funded by USAID