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Training on Data use for decision making

Belonging to the Policy Health Initiatives, from 13 to 17 Dec, 2010 Phad cooperation with Abt, Fhi organized Training on Data use for decision making (DDM) in Can Tho city. This is second training in series of 11 Training on DDM.

Attend training courses have experts from USAID, FHI, HPI well as M&E staff, staff using data from the Center for HIV/AIDS prevention in 7 provinces of PEPFAR.

During training, staffs are guided to use EPP models – model prediction and the calculation of service costs included in the data file sum to estimate the resources and planning for the provincial AIDS.

End of the training, along with the support of the technical team from Abt, FHI, Phad, the provinces have learned how to use the EPP model, as well as resource needs model to apply for their situation of local province.