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The focus group activities of Feasibility study in preparation for Randomized Trial of Enhanced Primary Mental Health Care Implementation

On Sept 25th and 26th, Institute of Population, Health and Development combined with National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and Dong Da, Thach That health centre organized six focus groups: 2 for health workers and 4 for people in communes (2 female groups and two male groups) in Thach That and Dong Da districts. The purpose of these focus group was to discuss about the appropriateness of “Supported self-management skills workbook” when the depressants use this skills workbook at home. During the discussion, our team had received some feedbacks from participations which contributed to improve the suitability of the skills workbook for all subjects in Vietnam’s context

1. Thach That’s citizens were discussing about Supported self-management skills workbook

2. Health workers were discussing about Supported self-management skills workbook in Dong Da health centre