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Thai Nguyen computer-based Health Management Information System


This project’s main purpose was to improve evidence-based planning and decision-making for better utilization and quality of primary health services in the Thai Nguyen province through the development and use of a computerized Health Management Information System (HMIS). This HMIS was designed to enable careful use of data gathered effectively, efficiently, and more accurately, and to expand evidence-based decision-making and planning in the Thai Nguyen Health Department (TNHD) through capacity building of health personnel at the commune, district and provincial levels to utilize this data. This project also aimed to develop the evidence-based public health teaching and research curricula of the provincial medical school, Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy (TNUMP) as well as to improve the research capacity of local research organizations and their staff in the health sector to examine issues important to Thai Nguyen through enhanced practice of the Evidence Based Policy and Planning Model (EBPM).