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International Honor Program (IHP)

Location: Hanoi
Duration: 2009-on going

In the framework of the International Study Abroad Program, The International Honors Program (IHP) is a culture exchange program by staying at local families and learning and exploring issues facing the attendant countries. In Viet Nam, the program provides a rigorous curriculum using different ways of learning such as case studies in the Public Health University, site visits or small investigations.

The students who attend the program are from many famous Universities in the world such as Harvard, Brown, John Hopkins,… The coordinator of the program is local one and has deep and wide knowledge on public health and health.

In this program, PHAD together with IHP implement the second term of the circle Health and Community. Each year, more than 30 students and teachers went to Vietnam. The students had an opportunity to learn more about culture of many areas in Vietnam and Vietnam’s health problems.