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Improved access, equity, quality and utilization of commune health services, in particular by women from poor, ethnic minorities and remote areas in Thai Nguyen – HMIS, partner with the Population Council

Duration: 2010-2012

This is collaboration between the Institute of Population, Health and Development (PHAD) and the Population Council Viet Nam (PCVN) with overall purpose to assess the impact of new HMIS in Thai Nguyen province as well as partly appraise the health equity of primary health care services at commune level in Thai Nguyen by analyzing out-of-pocket expenditures on public and private health care services, focusing on poor and ethnic people in remote areas.

The study will employ methods that range from the qualitative to the quantitative, and study designs that range from non-experimental (diagnostic studies) to quasi-experimental. Methods to collect data are selected in accordance to the study objectives: a self-administered questionnaire, in-depth interviews and two rounds of CHC facility surveys to meet the first study objective; a population-based survey to meet the second and third study objectives; and a providers’ survey to meet the fourth and fifth objectives. The population-based survey targets the general population with a special focus on women of reproductive age, people with hypertension and children. Sixty out of 180 communes of Thai Nguyen will be selected for these surveys. About 4,320 people aged 15 to 60 will be asked to participate in the population-based survey.

At the end of the project period, the reports and policy briefs were presented in a  policy briefs will also be prepared. Those reports and policy briefs will be presented in a dissemination workshop for health managers and policy makers in Thai Nguyen. The study opens opportunities for joint publications with TNHD officials, Thai Nguyen University, individual experts in the region and Population Council staff from other offices.