Project Kick-Off Workshop “Sustainable and Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Binh Dinh Provinces (Hold My Hand)”

Today, in April 11 st 2019, People’s Committee of Binh Dinh Province, The institution of population, health and development (PHAD) and Vietnam Catholic Relief Services (CRS) officially launched the project: “Sustainable and Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Binh Dinh Provinces (Hold My Hand)”. The workshop to kick off the project has Mr Le Quang Hung – the director of Binh Dinh Department of Health, Mr Vu Cong Nguyen – The deputy of PHAD, Mr Christopher Wayne Abrams – Director of USAID Environment and Social Development Department and representatives of local departments and people.

Sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the PHAD Institute and CRS, the project “Sustainable and interdisciplinary rehabilitation services for persons with severe disabilities in Binh Binh” is a three-year initiative that aims to develop a sustainable and scalable model to enhance integration for 2,000 people with severe disabilities in Quang Nam and Binh Dinh, Vietnam, the project aims to be more specific in the province such as: strengthen 10 interdisciplinary rehabilitation service units by building ST, OT capacity at provincial and district hospitals in Binh Dinh province, produce home-base care service for 450 severe disabilities in Binh Dinh province, strengthen skills for local staffs at all levels on using, operating, managing the Health Disability Information System (DIS) of MoH.

Also in this event, representatives of PHAD and CRS also made speeches, shared about project activities, directions and plans for implementation in the first year of the project.

The leaders representing organizations are the Institute of Population, Health and Development; CRS and Binh Dinh Health Department have signed the first year operation agreement of the project. The project “Sustainable and Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Binh Dinh Provinces (Hold My Hand)” hope that the results, aimed in 3 years implementing in Binh Dinh, will contribute to build a sustainable interdisciplinary rehabilitation system at all levels (province, district) to help people with disabilities to receive quality rehabilitation services, thereby improving the quality of life and the ability to live independently of the disabilities. With the desire to strengthen the monitoring system of data and mechanism for sending people with disabilities who need rehabilitation at all levels, the project also expects the results of the project will affect the data management system about People with disabilities and rehabilitation, thereby strengthening the implementation of current policies related to ensuring the rights of local people with disabilities. In addition, the project also expects people with disabilities and their families to be better aware of the importance of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation then paying attention to spend time for caring of people with disabilities in their families. It creates opportunities for people with disabilities to have independent living skills and contribute to society. To learn more about the project, please visit here:

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